Make Up by Fiza Know as Fiz Classic Bridal

Isnin, 21 Disember 2009

19th & 20th December 2009

This time the story of my customer sister Shahidah Suhaily .. He created the council in Parit Raja Johor Bahru .. I'm just an interpreter for the ceremony he Andam he Parit Raja nie kat ... Citer made me want to depart from KL at 1ptg caused Jem gler kat street value of almost 6 hours I duk kat kete .... continue to make up tired gler kat pengatin sampai2 Umah her last start because he Isyak prayers ceremony .... The next day I make up his close ... but I did not wait long article I kene pegi rush back my husband kg kat Melaka ... angah cousins after all this mom so she Andam johor Set It is a lot of brides I nie ...