Make Up by Fiza Know as Fiz Classic Bridal

Ahad, 26 Februari 2012

25th February 2012 @ Azie

Event: Bertandang
Location: Kemaman, Terengganu
Makeup, dress and all accessories collection Makeup by Fiza

Isnin, 20 Februari 2012

19th February 2012 @ Azie

Event: Reception, Akad and Malam Berinai
Location: Kota Damansara, Gugusan Semarak
Makeup and all accessories including dress collection Makeup by fiza

For Engagement makeup for her please link and it was a year ago... to this link

12th Feb 2012 @ Aliya

Event: Dinner, Gipsi Theme
Location: Westin Hotel
Makeup done by Fiza

Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Mazilah @ 12th February 2012

Event: Engagement
Location: Sentul
Makeup done by Fiza