Make Up by Fiza Know as Fiz Classic Bridal

Selasa, 22 Mac 2011

Promotion Spa

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Isnin, 21 Mac 2011

20th March 2010 @ Shuwaibah

Event: Bertandang
Location: Villa felda, Jalan Semarak
Makeup done by Fiza

Ahad, 13 Mac 2011

13th March 2011 @ Che Putih

Event: Engagement
Location: Section 27, Shah Alam
Makeup done by Fiza

12th March 2011 @ Dilla

Event: Bertandang
Location: Selayang
Makeup, dress and accessories collection Makeup by Fiza

Khamis, 3 Mac 2011

New Design Wedding Dress Collection

This is a new collection for white dress.... for more info for rental please send us the email or directly call ... suitable for reception, solemnization or Engagement